Daftar Lagu Barat Terbaru Foo Fighters

Daftar lagu barat terbaru Foo Fighters – Diartikel ini kamu akan menemukan daftar lengkap lagu dari salah satu grup musik beraliran rock, yaitu Foo Fighters.

Salah satu lagu yang paling terkenal dari foo fighter adalah lagunya yang berjudul “Learn to Fly” dan “Walking After You”. Kalau kamu, lagu mana yang paling kamu suka dari foo fighters?

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Daftar Lagu Barat Terbaru Foo Fighters

album: “Foo Fighters” (1995)
This Is A Call
I’ll Stick Around
Big Me
Alone + Easy Target
Good Grief
Weenie Beenie
Oh, George
For All The Cows
Winnebago[Japanese Bonus Track]
Podunk[Japanese Bonus Track]
How I Miss You[Special Oz Tour Edition Bonus Track]
Ozone[Special Oz Tour Edition Bonus Track]
album: “The Colour And The Shape” (1997)
Monkey Wrench
Hey, Johnny Park!
My Poor Brain
Wind Up
Up In Arms
My Hero
See You
Enough Space
February Stars
Walking After You
New Way Home
Requiem[Bonus Track]
Drive Me Wild[Bonus Track]
Down In The Park[Bonus Track]
Baker Street[Bonus Track]
Dear Lover[Bonus Track]
The Colour And The Shape[Bonus Track]
album: “There Is Nothing Left To Lose” (1999)
Stacked Actors
Learn To Fly
Gimmie Stitches
Live-In Skin
Next Year
Ain’t It The Life
Fraternity[Australian/Japanese mini LP Bonus Track]
album: “One By One” (2002)
All My Life
Have It All
Times Like These
Disenchanted Lullabye
Tired Of You
Lonely As You
Burn Away
Walking A Line[Special Limited Edition Bonus Track]
Sister Europe[Special Limited Edition Bonus Track]
Danny Says[Special Limited Edition Bonus Track]
Life Of Illusion[Special Limited Edition Bonus Track]
album: “In Your Honor” (2005)
In Your Honor
No Way Back
Best Of You
The Last Song
Free Me
The Deepest Blues Are Black
End Over End
What If I Do?
Another Round
Friend Of A Friend
Over And Out
On The Mend
Virginia Moon
Cold Day In The Sun
The Sign[UK/Vinyl/iTunes Bonus Track]
album: “Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace” (2007)
The Pretender
Let It Die
Erase / Replace
Long Road To Ruin
Come Alive
Stranger Things Have Happened
Cheer Up, Boys (Your Make-Up Is Running)
Summer’s End
But, Honestly
Once & For All[Japanese Bonus Track]
Seda[Japanese Bonus Track]
album: “Wasting Light” (2011)
Bridge Burning
Dear Rosemary
White Limo
These Days
Back & Forth
A Matter Of Time
Miss The Misery
I Should Have Known
Better Off[Japanese Bonus Track]
compilation: “Medium Rare” (2011)
Band On The Run
I Feel Free
Life Of Illusion
Young Man Blues
Bad Reputation
Darling Nikki
Down In The Park
Baker Street
Danny Says
Have A Cigar
Never Talking To You Again
Gas Chamber
This Will Be Our Year
album: “Sonic Highways” (2014)
Something From Nothing
The Feast And The Famine
What Did I Do? / God As My Witness
In The Clear
I Am A River
EP: “Songs From The Laundry Room” (2015)
Alone + Easy Target
Big Me
Kids In America
Empty Handed
EP: “Saint Cecilia” (2015)
Saint Cecilia
Savior Breath
Iron Rooster
The Neverending Sigh
other songs:
A320[from “Godzilla” soundtrack]
Born On The Bayou
I’m In Love With A German Filmstar
If Ever
Iron And Stone[from “Learn To Fly” single]
Keep The Car Running
Kiss The Bottle
Lonely As You (Million Dollar Demo)
Make A Bet[from “Learn To Fly” single]
Marigold[from “Skin And Bones” live album]
Normal[from “Times Like These” single]
Overdrive (Million Dollar Demo)
Planet Claire[from “Times Like These” single]
Skin And Bones[from “Skin And Bones” live album]
The One
Wheels[from 2009 “Greatest Hits” compilation]
Word Forward[from 2009 “Greatest Hits” compilation]


Itulah daftar lengkap lagu foo fighters terbaru dan yang paling lama. Semoga dapat menambah wawasan kamu dengan membaca artikel ini.

Note: Download Lagu Foo Fighters Terbaru MP3 (Tidak Tersedia)

Mohon maaf kami tidak menyediakan file mp3 lagu-lagu diatas untuk anda download karena hal tersebut merupakan tindakan ilegal dan melanggar hukum. Jika anda ingin mendownloadnya sebaiknya anda beli CD nya ataupun beli dan download file MP3 nya melalui iTunes (Jika sudah tersedia). Dengan begitu anda sudah mensupport penyanyi favorit anda.

Disclaimer: Semua lagu yang disebutkan diartikel ini merupakan hak cipta penyanyinya. Artikel ini bertujuan untuk informasi saja.

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